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Seetec Jobpath

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Support Available To You

No matter your background, you will find dedicated and passionate staff at Seetec that can assist you with:

  • A back to work action plan
  • Guidance on preparing a winning CV
  • Techniques for successful interviews
  • Improving your job search skills
  • Boosting your confidence and motivation
  • Developing your skills with job related training
  • Gaining work experience through a job placement
  • Testing out a job with a trial or taster day
  • Improving your finances with in-work benefits  
  • On-going support even when you’re working

Professional working environments

All the information and support you need, you’ll find at your Seetec JobPath centre.  As well as having the latest information on vacancies, regular job clubs and employer open days, you can also:

  • Scan daily newspapers for vacancies
  • Access the internet for email and job sites
  • Brush up your computer skills
  • Make use of free stationery and stamps
  • Find out the latest news on local vacancies
  • Use the photocopier and office equipment
  • Use our state-of-the-art Online Career Centre to develop your career skills and job search capabilities

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