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Employee Spotlight: Chantelle Lamont

Articles 23 February 2022

This month’s employee spotlight shines a light on Chantelle Lamont, a colleague who has been with Seetec Ireland for six years.

Chantelle’s background is in retail management, sales and brand management and she holds a Master of International Business degree. Following a stint of travelling in Southeast Asia, she returned to Ireland to figure out what her next career move would be. After many interviews, Chantelle struggled to find a role that seemed like a good fit until she found Seetec.

“I wasn’t finding anything that resonated with me but when somebody explained to me the services Seetec offered, it struck a chord with me. Supporting people into employment and helping them figure out their next move sounded so interesting because, at that time, that’s the support I would have loved myself.”

JobPath was still in its infancy in 2016 when Chantelle joined in the role of Employer Services Consultant in the Blanchardstown Centre. The service was new, in a newly opened centre doing an entirely new role.

Employer Services – Seetec’s Recruitment & Client Placing Sector

“At that time, the employer service consultant role I took on was so new that I found I had a lot of scope to put my stamp on it and shape what I thought it should be. After lots of trial and error, I felt like I was able to push myself in the role and make it my own.

“I loved being in this employer facing role and liaising between our JobPath clients and the many local businesses we were supporting. I really enjoyed learning about different industries, the staffing needs of local businesses, and learning about our clients and the barriers they were facing to employment.

“We had a huge amount of local business development to do at the start to explain the JobPath service and how it could benefit employers. Understanding their needs and what we could do for them. We had to explain the challenges our clients had faced and identify local employers that would use us as part of their recruitment solution.”

When Chantelle was promoted to the Centre Manager role in Blanchardstown in 2018, she was motivated to continually improve the service for clients.

“I wanted to improve the upskilling opportunities we offered our clients, that included building their confidence and addressing employment barriers such as the need for driving licences, English language skills, and other skills specific to sectors like Logistics or Construction. Our core service included improving CVs, job search skills and interview skills, and clients really valued the mock interviews we completed with them.”

Chantelle went on to become Business Manager for Finglas, Ballymun and Blanchardstown in early 2020. This was an opportunity to support a number of teams in Northwest Dublin. She took on this role just as the pandemic hit and led her team through the successful transition of delivering our service remotely.

Building on her track record of success Chantelle was then promoted to a senior leadership role, as the National Employer Services Manager.

“The role is focussed on driving improvement in our service to employers, building on the good work done by our teams. We are innovating and responding to changing employer needs all the time and supporting our clients in meeting those needs. Our fantastic team of Employer Service Consultants have adapted and responded to employer needs throughout the pandemic.

“Although we have a deep understanding of our local jobs markets and our local business partners the service is centred on our jobseeker clients. Empathy is so important in our sector and helping our clients’ progress towards the labour market and into jobs is so rewarding.”