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Employee Spotlight: Ultan Burns

Articles 02 February 2022

In just under two years, Ultan Burns has progressed through four roles within Seetec Ireland. He speaks with us today about his journey with the company.

Beginning as an employment advisor, he moved through the ranks to become a business manager in 2021. Now, he oversees three Seetec Ireland branches, in Finglas, Ballymun and Blanchardstown and supports thirteen staff in service delivery throughout Northwest Dublin.

Why Seetec Choose to Find Talent Within 

Seetec employment advisors are responsible for working with a caseload of clients, managing their journey back into employment and supporting our clients in retaining sustainable employment. Ultan is unsurprised that so many employment advisors go on to different roles within Seetec.

“I think the reason Seetec promote from within is that we know it’s better that you understand all aspects of the job. Managers who’ve worked with clients have a better understanding of what we offer on a day-to-day basis. It just makes sense to fully understand and appreciate our service.”

When asked what makes people flourish in any role at Seetec, Ultan believes good communication skills are key.

“You have to be a good listener for our clients and those skills transfer to managing people. I think empathy and positivity help anybody in life but it’s especially good for our employment advisers. I like to tell our staff to never judge anyone. People always surprise you and this attitude gets good results back. Confidence building is at the core of our job.

“Assessing our client’s needs and signposting them towards services is another big significant aspect of our work. You’re selling your clients a vision of what it would be like to be in employment again but also advising them on the pitfalls and the difficulties they are bound to encounter when going back to full-time work. Developing those soft skills is useful for anybody in any career.”

Personal Journey Through Seetec

“Seetec offers a good environment for learning, there is training and development there for people who want it. Also, the upskilling we offer is based on what our team members ask to be trained in because we are an employee-owned business.

“From my point of view as a manager, I like to ensure the people working with me are enjoying the job. It can sometimes be difficult work. You can come across a lot of people facing adversity, barriers and challenges.

“On the flip side of that, the main reason I loved working as an employment adviser was getting to hear the success stories from our clients. Those small wins and pieces of progression for our clients are inspiring. Like helping them through their first interview in years.”

Ultan’s advice for anyone taking on a new role at Seetec is straightforward.

“Ask as many questions as you can. The people working here at all levels are very open and easy-going. Reach out and speak to people, they are always happy to help.”