Delivering positive impact so that individuals and communities can prosper.

As an employee-owned business group, we have developed a culture and ways of working that not only shapes the direction of our individual business areas, but also informs the focus each owner is driven by as part of their contribution at Seetec. This ambition ensures our purpose, vision, mission and values are met.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower people to discover and realise their unique potential, with every life changed advancing fairer, safer and more prosperous communities.

Our vision

Our vision is to be trusted as the UK and Ireland’s most effective provider of services that advance fairer, safer and more prosperous communities.

Our mission

We believe everyone has the capability to discover and realise their unique potential. We help people to achieve this through our expertise in the training, skills and services that create lasting change coupled with support that is delivered with empathy, compassion and honesty. This empowers people to change their lives and in so doing, advances fairer, safer and more prosperous communities.


Supporting communities, driving change

Dedicated to benefiting communities, empowering individuals and providing sustainable solutions, our social values are behind every decision, service and strategy we make. We are also B-Corp certified, recognising our dedication to benefiting society as well as shareholders by delivering social, environmental and economic value.

Our business group has three social value commitment areas that are used, through the targets that are set under them to measure impact, to deliver action that helps individuals and communities to succeed. The three pledge areas are:


The priorities under this pledge focus on volunteering activity with local charitable groups and good causes where we have a footprint.


Helping to provide opportunities for people to secure new skills and employment is something we have a great deal of experience in delivering.


We are committed to action that safeguards the environment. This pledge focuses on reducing carbon emissions, tackling air pollution and ways to support the wider natural environment.