Welcome to Seetec Ireland

Delivering employability and skills programmes across Ireland.

Our expertise in supporting those with different needs has led to the successful expansion of our services, including helping Ireland’s growing migrant population.

Working together to shape delivery

As a trusted public service provider, we place individuals and communities at the heart of our delivery. We ensure their views shape the design, development and evaluation of our services. Governed by a local everywhere ethos, we build local partnerships and networks to ensure our services, from inner- cities to remote coastal and rural areas, reflect the needs and priorities of the communities we serve.

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  • Employer services

    Helping you to grow and develop your workforce.

    Seetec offers a bespoke recruitment and training service for employers who are looking to expand their workforce. Whether you’re looking for just one crucial team member or a large-scale recruitment drive, Seetec can help.

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  • Developing your skills

    See what you can achieve.

    Getting the right skills can open up new opportunities. We can provide the training and support you need to improve your chances of finding work. Learning doesn’t have to stop when you find a job. Developing new skills through in-work training will help boost your career prospects.

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  • Your JobPath Journey

    Your journey starts here.

    We deliver JobPath across the Dublin, West, North and North West, Midlands and North East regions. JobPath helps you find and keep employment or if working part-time to increase your working hours and earnings. Find out how JobPath can help you and what you can achieve.

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Delivered in Partnership

Seetec works collaboratively with partners, delivering contracts across Ireland. If your organisation can add value to our offering, we want to hear from you.


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