Helping to grow your workforce

Seetec offers a bespoke recruitment and training service for employers who are looking to expand their workforce.

Whether you’re looking for just one crucial team member or a large-scale recruitment drive, Seetec can help.

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Helping you recruit

We work with unemployed people to realise their ambitions of finding a job and improving their lives.

Every person Seetec helps back into employment receives relevant skills training giving you talented people with the right skills and motivation.

With a large pool of candidates with a diverse range of experience, we can help you find the most suitable people that will benefit your business.

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Developing workforce skills

If you’re struggling to attract and keep the best talent, Seetec can help you grow the skills of your existing employees. Overcome your skills shortages, improve your staff retention and morale with our tailored workforce development solutions.

Future proofing your workforce

Developing the skills of your employees is a great way of growing your business. Through our bespoke training and skills programmes, you can fill your skills gaps – widening your service offering and future-proofing your business.

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Designing apprenticeships

The National Skills Strategy 2025 – Ireland’s Future sets out ambitious plans to achieve 50,000 apprenticeships and traineeships by 2020.

Across the Seetec Group we have a strong legacy of running diverse apprenticeship programmes for leading globally recognised brands such as British Airways and Sky. We have helped develop over 20 apprenticeship standards for people with different levels of experience, from school-leavers to degree-holders.

We look forward to working with government, employers and other partners to ensure our country has the skills needed for the future.

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Benefiting your business

Everyone deserves the chance to improve their life through employment. By providing job opportunities for unemployed individuals you can benefit from:

  • Increased productivity

  • No recruitment fees

  • Reliable and motivated workforce

  • Opportunity in diversity

  • Recruiting local talent

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