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Employee Spotlight: Grace Moore

Articles 23 March 2023

Our Regional Operations Manager, Grace Moore, tells us about her career both before Seetec and within our service. Grace has worked at every level of the organisation and her depth of knowledge about our service, our clients and our colleagues ensures she is one of the go-to people in the organisation for any queries.

Grace began her career with DHL, an international logistics company. In her twenty-year tenure with DHL, she moved through an array of business functions.

“I was in customer services, operations, IT, and field sales but my last twelve years there were spent in the Human Resources department in the training and development side of the business.”

Sponsored by DHL, Grace also studied Marketing, a BSC in Business and IT and later on earned a Masters in Leadership and Training from Dublin City University.

“I liked how flat of a structure DHL had. The CEO would walk into the canteen and make his toast with one of the couriers and have a chat, everyone was on first-name terms. You could pick up the phone and call anyone in the company and ask for help or advice.”

In 2010 Grace applied for voluntary redundancy because she wanted to do something different. She began volunteering with the Citizens Advice Bureau and was then offered a job with them.

“I stayed there for five years, and I really loved that job. I was doing lots of advocacy work and I got to meet people from all walks of life, often facing difficult circumstances, similar to challenges faced by some of our clients here.”

In January 2016 Grace started as an Employment Advisor at Seetec and loved working on the frontline with our clients. After eighteen months she started in her first management role, and she has since managed many centres in Dublin city and county. This wide-ranging experience of our service put her on a strong footing when the Regional Operations Manager position arose in Dublin.

Grace remains positive and optimistic about the future of Seetec Ireland and is committed to ensuring that we continue to provide high-quality support to our clients.

“Our team provide an excellent service to our clients, meeting them, listening to them and understanding both their aspirations and their challenges. I believe they feel heard and that their needs are considered. When they say ‘Seetec helped me achieve my own goals and supported me every step of the way’, I’m very proud.

“Our service users are a very resilient group of people who are sometimes unsure of what’s next for them. Some of the best life advice I’ve ever gotten has been from clients that I’ve met.”

As her two-year anniversary in the role approaches, Grace reflects on what she loves about the position and what she wants to see in our service.

“We have fantastic people who make a great impact on their clients and communities. In this role, I can give them the benefit of my experience to help them feel confident and capable in their work. If I can provide them with the tools, training and development to make it easier for them to do a great job for our clients, I’m happy.

“It goes without saying that the excellent service our Employment Advisors and Employer Service Consultants deliver is helped greatly by our fantastic Service Support teams.”

Grace translates Seetec’s values into action. Her commitment to supporting people to achieve their goals, her dedication to our local communities, and her leadership skills have been instrumental in the success of our services in Dublin. She is rated and respected by her colleagues for always striving to make it easier for them to do their best work. Her journey to a senior role with Seetec in Ireland is a great example to others and she never loses sight of the focus of our services: supporting our clients to fulfil their potential.