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Our First Welcome to Work Particpant a Year Later

Articles Case studies Interviews 10 August 2022
Welcome to work

Omaladun, a medical device manufacturing technician originally from Nigeria, was one of the first participants to complete our Welcome to Work programme and find employment.

Through this scheme, we support migrants who have been through the International Protection System to access jobs in Galway and the surrounding areas.

Over the past few years, the responsibility of raising five wonderful children fell solely on Omaladun’s shoulders and she felt unable to commit to full-time work.

“It was a full-time job itself being a Mummy taxi, taking all my kids to different things, soccer training, rugby training and all the things they did after school. I was always a busy Mum but at the same time, I had this feeling that I wanted to go back to work. To be somebody that would add value to the economy. My family background always believed in hard work, in giving back even if it’s just working for your community.”

To give back to her community, Omaladun volunteered with the Ard Family Resource Centre in Doughiska, Galway.

“I participated in voluntary work with the Ard centre. Meeting parents and helping with information talks, but even with that I still didn’t feel fulfilled.”

Her work there brought her in contact with one of our employment advisors, Cormac Gallagher who realised that Omaladun was the perfect candidate for our new programme. Even though her children were older and more independent, Omaladun’s time away from the workforce had deeply affected her confidence.

“I can tell you that I seemed like a very different person last year. I had lost my self-esteem and all hope of work.”

Before a change in her family situation, Omaladun had worked in electronics manufacturing. Cormac believed her knowledge and experience in this industry made her a perfect candidate for Galway’s thriving medical device manufacturing industry.

“The service I received from Seetec was amazing. When I came to the office and Cormac told me, you have certifications and training from your previous job, you can do this. I would not have even had the confidence to even put my CV together without his help.”

The challenges Omaladun has had to overcome since she came to Ireland have been significant. Now, she is thriving in her new job. Her children, now teenagers and young adults forging their own paths are incredibly proud of her.

“Now that I have the job my kids are so happy and proud of me and they are so willing to work too, some of them are working part-time along with their studies because they can see Mum doing it.”

Seetec’s Welcome to Work programme which is funded in partnership with the European Social Fund and The Department of Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth has gone from strength to strength in the past year. Our Galway team are immensely proud of the benefits this programme has brought our participants like Omaladun.