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Seetec Announces Our New Meath Traveller Employment Initiative Contract

News 01 March 2024

Seetec is delighted to announce it will be running the Meath Travellers Employment Initiative (MTEI) under contract to the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY). This stalwart local employment service has been supporting travellers into employment in Meath for 16 years.  

In operation in Co Meath since 2007, mainstream funded since 2010, MTEI was developed as part of the “Meath Interagency Strategy for the Travelling Community” with direct consultation from the local travelling community to assist and support with breaking the cycle of unemployment. The project consistently guides over thirty clients annually through our dedicated job coaches. 

The (MTEI) outreach service also helps Travellers who require advice or signposting towards training, education and becoming self-employed. Many project participants have either entered employment schemes, gained work or availed of training since the project started. 

Our brand-new team members, Service Manager, Sheila Comiskey and Job Coach, Fiona Lawless, have shaped the delivery of this service for the last twenty years.  We welcome their depth of knowledge and close links with the Meath travelling community. 

Fiona Lawless said: “We are so pleased to come under Seetec’s wing to help the MTEI grow their reach and potential. Our delivery of employment supports, highlighting a person-centred approach is aligned with Seetec’s own model. They have welcomed our experience, and we know the MTEI can continue to flourish and support travellers in our local community.”  

We spoke with two people who had recently engaged with the MTEI and were incredibly happy with the support they received. 

John from Navan said: “I had great support from Fiona and MTEI with updating my CV, job searching and accessing training courses which enabled me to get full time work.  While I was working Fiona also helped with my tax and when I became ill, supported me in applying for Illness Benefit. When I recovered, she helped me transition back to my former job.”        

Edward, who also lived in the Navan area of Meath added: “I’ve been very lucky with the MTEI.  I’ve applied for jobs that I didn’t think would consider me and interviewed well due to the support I received. Fiona helped me with a new CV, interview skills and expanding my job search. I was able to get temporary seasonal work and I’m now upskilling and looking forward to a new start.”     

With the support of our talented and experienced new team members, Seetec hopes to usher this fantastic service into its third decade, underpinned by our mission to empower people to change their lives and in so doing, advances fairer, safer and more prosperous communities.”